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Welcome to Uplink. DWD has implemented support for various assistive technologies throughout this website. Please feel free to contact DWD with any questions, comments or suggestions in regards to our implementations.
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Welcome to Employer Self Service


Important Information


Uplink, Indiana's online filing system, will be unavailable on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 from 6 PM - 9 PM for scheduled system updates. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Notice: Some delinquency notices were erroneously mailed to employers that timely and adequately reported wages to Indiana. Please disregard any notice dated 5/28/2019. Notices dated 5/29/2019 are correct.

DWD apologizes for any confusion or inconvenience this mailing caused. We are investigating the nature of the error and will work diligently to prevent any future errors of this nature.


A new design for the UPLINK Employer Self-Service System (ESS) is coming in the Spring of 2019. Check out this video.


In an effort to further safeguard your information, you may need to reset your password in order to log into your Uplink homepage. Please be sure to select a password you have not used in the past. For more information about how to reset your password, click the link "Click here for information about resetting your User ID and Password", which is located below and to the right.


Welcome to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development Employer Self Service Website. The following capabilities are currently available to employers: Registration, Profile Maintenance, Quarterly Reporting, Payment Processing and Data Review. As some browser buttons can cause unexpected results, please do not use the BACK button or any other external browser buttons. Use only the navigation buttons provided within Uplink. Also, Uplink does use some pop up windows to display certain information such as help content and various other links. Most pop up blocker programs allow you to hold down the ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking a link, to allow a pop up window to open.