Claimant Homepage

This page provides a summary of your claim and a history of your most recent claims activity.  You can get additional detail about any item by clicking on the line.  In the CLAIMS section, the remaining balance is the amount of benefits left on your open claim.  If you have an overpayment, the balance is the current balance to be repaid.  The Maximum Benefits is the total benefits payable on your open claim.  The Weekly Benefit is the maximum you can receive for any one week of unemployment.  Paid to date is a running total of how much unemployment has been paid to you or on your behalf; i.e, benefits withheld to satisfy an overpayment are included in the Paid to Date balance.  The PAYMENTS section shows a summary of the weeks for which you have claimed benefits with the most recent week listed first.  If you want to see more detail about that week, clicking anywhere in the line will take you to more detailed information.